Developing Individualized Programs and Modules

Carolivia Herron (en masque) with Peter Kent at the Takoma Park Street Festival in Maryland
Carolivia Herron (en masque) with Peter Kent at the Takoma Park Street Festival in Maryland

EpicCenter Stories develops individualized programs for  school systems, government agencies, communities, special interest groups, corporate training programs, etc.. They  use storytelling to illustrate and educate.

Developing Individualized Programs

The typical process for developing individualized programs follows this pattern:

1. Develop a Communal Story.

A community or group develops a communal story with guidance from an EpicCenter Storyteller.

2. Identify Areas of Focus.

The Storyteller works with participants to find places in the story that can be linked to a focus areas.

3. Create Multi-Media Learning Materials & Activities.

EpicCenter Stories creates multi-media learning materials, resource lists, and activities related to the areas of focus. They might include curriculum guides, lesson plans, reading lists, website resources, downloadable materials, etc. The activities often include writing exercises, field trips, and walking tours.

4. A Shift in Focus to the Future.

As appropriate, longer programs are designed to focus on resources that be used to develop and extend the story. The emphasis moves to the future relevant to the goals of the group.

5. Present the Story.

The group works with the EpicCenter Storyteller to complete their story and  present it to each other or a larger audience. These often take the form of an internal publication, a presentation, or a dramatic performance.

Availability of Individualized Modules

When modules are developed around topics of general interest, the curriculum and supporting multi-media materials are professionally packaged and are available for purchase. Please email Carolivia Herron, Director of EpicCenter Stories for more information.