EpicCentering the National Mall

Drawing of the National Mall by Donovan Simpson
Drawing of the National Mall by Donovan Simpson

EpicCentering the National Mall is the first of the EpicCentering programs on multimedia creative writing, performance poetry, and storytelling workshop series. It will focus on The National Mall. There will be an open mic to share your stories.

Poster for EpicCentering The National MallIncluding performances by the new DMV artists Swipey and Ziggy, the Award Winning performance poet Javon Lawson, and the Grandmother of Hip Hop, Professor Carolivia Herron, Scholar of Epic Poetry, University Professor, and author of Nappy Hair and Peacesong DC.

Spring 2016 Programs

  • Tuesday July 21, 2016  Swipey, Ziggy, and Javon Lawson will perform
  • Thursday June 23, 2016  Will feature stories by teens & young adults
  • Tuesday  June 28, 2016  Will feature stories by elementary school children
  • Thursday June 30, 2016 Will feature stories by a Tuskegee Airman, 90 years old

At the Francis Gregory Neighborhood Library
3660 Alabama Avenue SE, Washington DC 20020
(202) 698-6373

Fall 2016 Workshops

  • Saturday, September 24, 2016  on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall
  • Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the National Gallery
  • November 25,  2016 at the Martin Luther King Library

For  more information, email Professor Carolivia Herron