What is EpicCenter Stories?

EpicCenter Stories focuses on personal epics, stories, of children, communities, artists, writers, and individuals in all walks of life. The center’s programs develop and present stories in many contexts including:

  • teaching resources for classrooms
  • workshops to develop community stories
  • storyteller led programs in classrooms
  • a radio program interview with artists and writers
  • performances resulting from story workshops
  • speaking to groups, including educational and community organizations
Cover of the libretto for the opera Let Freedom Sing, written by Carolivia Herron
The libretto for the opera “Let Freedom Sing,” was written by Director Carolivia Herron. It is part of a multimedia learning module.

The epic development programs create community epics that spark curiosity and personal relationships to learning. The EpicCenter’s educational and entertainment products for use by individuals, school systems, and communities teach the common core through story development. This includes the physical sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and the literary, performing, and visual arts. The story of the community becomes the foundation for the integrated study of all academic disciplines.

With this approach, learners understand that they themselves are the beginning of knowledge. History, science, math, physics, music, dance, and poetry surround every person. Wherever life is lived—in the jailhouses, universities, museums and homeless shelters—storytelling captures and conveys what we know about the world.