Street to Street

Until Epic Center Stories receives its own 501c3 designation, its parent organization is Street to Street.

Street to Street is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization incorporated in the District of Columbia whose mission is to provide employment, education, and housing opportunities for those in need. How? Street to Street provides education, housing, and job opportunities to at risk youth to foster a stable community.

Street To Street’s mission is to “generate a cycle of hope, beginning where it counts most: one person, one customer, one street at a time.

Board of Directors

Pierre Dugan, President

Pierre has been involved with community service organizations in the District of Columbia for the past 20 years. As a member of Tifereth Israel Congregation, he has participated in multiple social action programs for the homeless and disadvantaged. Pierre also served on the Board of the Emory Beacon of Light, a non-profit organization providing transitional housing, jobs, and training programs. Pierre is a graduate of Holy Cross College and works in the insurance industry.

 Lafayette (“Ronni”) Davis, Secretary/Treasurer

Ronni is a veteran of the United States Navy, an accountant and auditor. As a member of Tifereth Israel Congregation, Ronni has engaged in many charitable activities and advised multiple nonprofits in the areas of fiscal management. Ronni received an MBA from Southeastern University in Washington DC and has a Bachelor of Science degree from Regents College of New York.

Carolivia Herron, Director of Education

Professor Carolivia Herron lives in Washington, DC where she writes fiction and scholarly works, and is Founder and President of Epic Center Stories. Carolvia has established writing clubs and home school courses in creative writing. She also directs the Potomac Anacostia Ultimate Story Exchange program (PAUSE), which pairs young writers with e-mail mentors from community service organizations. In March 2010, Carolivia received the Exceptional Women in the Arts Award for Operatic Arts from Washington, DC from Council member Muriel Bowser.

Board of Advisors

 John More

John is an attorney, entrepreneur, community activist and member of the Washington Interfaith Network. John has consulted with multiple nonprofits in the DC area and is a graduate of Yale University

Buchanan Dugan, MD

Buck is a  Board Certified surgeon practicing in West Virginia. He is active in his local parish in Loudon County, Virginia and has been a consultant to Street To Street since its inception.

Alisha Jacobsen

Alisha is an attorney practicing family law in Montgomery County. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Alisha taught French.

Geremie Sawadogo

Geremie works at the World Bank as a Senior Human Resources Officer. Originally from West Africa, Geremie has his Ph.D. in International Education and has been a teacher, an associate professor, a Peace Corps Country Director, and an author.

Kassahun Teffera

Kassahun currently works  in Montgomery County. Formerly from Ethiopia, Kassahun spent much of his career overseas as an economist and diplomat.

Audrey Smith

Audrey is a longtime Washingtonian who worked on Capital Hill and operated her own business in Washington DC. Audrey’s interest and generosity in supporting Street To Street has been a bright light for us throughout our formation.